Sunrise Program

The Sunrise Program is designed to help kick start your day and support early morning risers in experiencing the benefits of Pilates & Rowing when you are most rested. The early morning hours are said to be the optimal time to develop a consistent practice and enjoy your workout: stimulate your metabolism, cultivate consistency, improve your physical and mental energy, develop strong self discipline, get better sleep & reach your fitness goals.

For details on these benefits and more, including how to get yourself out of bed in the morning, check out this article we love: Benefits of Morning Exercise by Dave Smith of Make Your Body Work.

Our Sunrise classes start at 6:00am and we've developed special pricing if this is your target. Get into the habit and enjoy Sunrise classes for just $150 a month.

Sunrise Policies: Sunrise Classes are open to all pass holders though you must pre-register. Registration is required 12 hours in advance of class start time, ie. you need to be enrolled by 6pm the evening prior at which time access to sign up will close.

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Youth Row

This program is designed specifically for youth aged 10-18. Rowing is a great cross training activity to support all other endeavours! Join your peers in a challenging and fun rowing class that will work your cardio, strength and stamina.

If you are interested in participating in a pre-registered program of consecutive weeks, or wish to put together a group of your own, please inquire by email to office[@]

The program is limited to 8 participants, per series.


Full payment is required to reserve/confirm a spot in a workshop or event. No refunds/cancellations will be issued within 48 hours of a workshop start date.

Programs cannot be cancelled online. Please send us an email with your request should this be required.

For all cancellations made in advance of 48 hours from start date, a 15% administration fee will apply. Exceptions are made if the refund request is made to your account for future use at the studio - in this case a refund will be issue in full, no fee.

If you have registered for a series or event using your Class Pass, class cancellation policies will apply: cancellations not made within 48hrs of the class start will result in a class pass deduction as if you had attended or a $20 +HST fee for unlimited pass holders.