3 Reasons Why You Should Spring in Springwall
March 21, 2019
When people enter the studio for the first time and see the Springwalls, we are often asked - what is a Springwall? How does it work? And why? After 3 decades of taking or teaching nearly every fitness class, our client Jilda - a former kinesiologist and current exercise fanatic explains how the Pilates Springwall changed everything for her!
How to combat winter skin with healthy eating!
March 13, 2019
We may have changed the clocks for daylight savings, but it’s still winter out there. It's been a long and COLD one, and our skin has suffered. We heat the indoor air to keep ourselves warm, but that air has no moisture and plays havoc with our skin. This seasonal stress on our skin is unavoidable, and lengthy. Not denying the benefits of a good skin care regime, in this blog article, we talk about what you can eat to build and keep glowing, luminous skin all year - even during these weeks and months of cold, dry air.
Top 5 Tips for boosting your immunity this winter
January 21, 2019
With freezing cold temperatures and numerous flus going around, it is important we keep our immune system boosted. Written by our resident Certified Wholistic Nutritionist, Shawn Haines-Shanahan, learn the top 5 tips for enhacing your ability to fight all those nasty bugs.
Crew Q's - Meet Laurie
January 14, 2019
Crew Qs: Meet Laurie In our first Crew Qs, we caught up with Laurie. The 44-year-old television executive shares how pounding the pavement led her to a love for indoor water rowing and a mind and body transformation.
Wow at First Whoosh - The Inspiration for Núcleo Pilates & Rowing
January 2, 2019
Núcleo Fitness is a great story that comes from the heart - check out our first blog post to learn more about the inspiration behind Núcleo Pilates & Rowing